3 Abstract Animal Artists Who Inspire

Abstract pug 1Have you ever seen a Pug puppy – seven or eight weeks old? They look like something from outer space. Teeney and vulnerable, and filled with curiosity. You can’t help but fall in love.

People often come to me with a desire to freeze their puppy’s early weeks on canvas. I suggest they take several pictures and together we choose the one that will be the final painting. One Tuesday morning between vacuuming and dusting the gal who owns our house cleaning service poked her head into my studio and asked if I ever painted abstracts? She went on to explain that a new member of the family arrived over the weekend – a little character she named Nero, a spunky, squirmy black Pug.I asked why she wanted an abstract as most of my clients want to capture
the literal likeness of their pets. Janis, our housekeeper went on to explain that even in the short time she’s had Nero, she could tell he was different. Not able to put her finger on the difference, she just simply explained that he had an intangible quality that was distinctly unique. She went on to tell me that an abstract would be more in keeping with his incomparable personality.

I confessed that he would be one of just a few abstract renditions of a Pug I had ever done, but after all what is a Pugcasso if not abstract? Normally, I fly by the creative seat of my pants, but this time I wanted to look at other artists’ work to get my inspirational genes – or should I say jeans – flowing. Here are 3 abstract animal artists who inspire.

Heather Galler

I love her work. Fun, colorful, grounded in flights of fancy, she is a playful contemporary. Heather’s work makes you smile. She uses bright colors to bring life off the canvas and right into the air.
Her abstract Pug paintings capture the essence of the sweet little creatures, but from a kaleidoscope of concepts and energies.  She is well-known for her work and has won several awards over the twenty-three years she’s been in the public eye.

Angela Alexander

Abstract pug 2Angela’s magic translates to pure, lovable whimsy in her paintings. Happiness is conveyed with every stroke she applies with her brush. Her free spirit comes alive as she touches the spirit of the animals she paints. Her interpretations of Pugs and other animals makes you want to get to know her – as you can just sense her devoted energy through her work. Anyone viewing her compositions can clearly feel her love for animals.
There is no doubt left when she translates that love into colors that would not be seen on the street, but comfortably make their way into the human psyche when seeing them on canvas. Her style is simple, but captures the complexities of her innocent subjects so well.

Laura Barbosa
Abstract pug 3Laura is perhaps the best known of the three artists I chose to get inspiration from. She is internationally collected and has been featured on HGTV, NY ARTS Magazine and in Forbes, just to name a few. Her attitude towards her subjects is her style. If she feels a certain way she sees the same way, and interprets accordingly. She is spontaneous with her individual expression.
Rules are often out the window as she creates one-of-kind masterpieces. She often uses the subject to make a statement as she does with Pugs Love Peace.  She reaches her depth in color and distinct portrayals of animals with her Pug series.

These three artists’ work steals my heart. Using them as my muses I hope to give Janis a piece of art that comes distinctly from my individual style while honoring those who I admire so much.

Take a look at each of these women’s websites and enjoy for yourself the gifts they bring to us Pug lovers.

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