I would venture to guess that most artists are also animal lovers.  Just a guess.  Collectively, we are the sensitive types.  I don’t mean to imply we are the wimps of the world in any way, but we seem to be more tuned-in to the fury, scaly and finned forms of life around us. Pugcasso is dedicated to capturing the essence of animals on canvas. I love painting animals, especially dogs.

Animals are not always subtle – take my Pitbull mix, Henry who thinks he’s a lap dog. My old boy is anything but sensitive to the fact that he weighs sixty-nine pounds.  He also takes the liberty of sitting on my little Pug, Larry when the food bowls come out.  Nothing subtle there, nor does it matter much.    Dali-pug

I use animals as the subject of most of my paintings.  They make for a great theme and never leave me without a smile at the end of a commission.  Larry, my Pug, sits on his purple cushion in my studio most days serving as my muse.  I never tire of listening to his little snore or scratching his bulbous belly.  Pugs inspire me even more than other animals.  I’m sure it all goes back to my first dog Hensley (my Mother named him) who got me through some rough times as a teenager.  He would hang out with me in my room as my designated confident.  He seemed to be the best listener in the world and never told me I was wrong about anything!  I loved that dog and he inspired me to start painting.

After Hensley, I found that painting dogs was the most relaxing, therapeutic way to spend my time.  I began by painting friends’ pets, from ferrets to ponies to cats and dogs, even snakes and other reptiles.  Dogs have always given me the most pleasure to paint though.  I resonate with their natural ease of life.  They organically fill a space that sparks my creative flow.

I am blessed to have my work seen by thousands of people every year.  I know it hangs in homes all across the globe.  It can be seen in office complexes and even animal shelters for people to enjoy.

To all my readers, thank you from Henry, Larry and myself for following my blog.

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