Do Animals Have Souls?

Animal souls

“You use a glass mirror to see your face, you use a work of art to see your soul.” That tells you why I paint animals. Seeing the soul of an animal is easy. They don’t hide behind a pretense. An animal’s soul is right there for everyone to see. As an artist, this makes painting pugs, other dogs, cats, goats, horses and other critters is irresistible.

Recently I was approached by a friend who has an SEO Agency. He asked me if my website was ranked? I didn’t know, and he sat with me for a few minutes to check. My site was on the 3rd page of Google and obscured by other sites that had little to do with what I want to be recognized for. “I’m an artist, not a computer guy” was my reply. He likes my work and said he could help get me on the first page of Google in trade for a portrait of his pooch. We struck a deal, and I got back to cleaning my brushes and thinking about the souls of all the animals I’ve met.

Do animals even have souls? This has been a question asked as long as humans have understood the concept of soul. The answers come from as many perspectives as there are questioners. For me personally I like to think they do.

My sister and her husband had to help their dog Chulo pass away last Saturday. He had been their loyal “good fellow” for fifteen years, was tired and in pain. Even so, he was hanging on and they decided it was time to give him a loving bump. They had the vet come to the house to avoid any unnecessary disturbance in Chulo’s routine. My sister held it together. I know what gave her the most support in her sadness, was realizing it was the best thing they could do for their boy.

Chulo like dogAfter the fact and several days later, she told me more of what she believes takes place when an animal companion dies. Once again, there are as many speculations as there are people who feel the need to know. Nonetheless, if it brings comfort, I’m all for it. What my sister shared with me was as good as any, and somewhat intriguing.

One Satisfying Theory

An animal’s soul is released from the body and met by its Spiritual guide. It is a joyous reunion as the animal is familiar and happy to be with their spiritual friend once again. If there is any confusion, or sadness due to the circumstances of leaving their earth-bound family, their spiritual counselor comforts them and eases them into a peaceful state.

If an animal has been suddenly killed and unprepared at the time of its death, it will go to a special place to rest. Resting may be like our state of sleep. It’s a time for settling into its circumstance and to feel safe and whole in its nature again. An animal’s awareness is always surrounded by love and never left in an unsettled state.

My sister believes that Chulo was happily chasing rabbits soon after he was released from his tired, aching body. She smiled when she told me that she could easily imagine him catching them right and left, but rather than hurting them, making lots of bunny friends who agreed to be chased even more. I smiled, too.

So whether you believe that animals have souls or not, love them every minute you share with them. They are truly a gift and the best teachers we’ll ever have.

Readers, do animals have souls? Leave a comment below and tell me what you think.

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